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Whether managing a data warehousing team or leading a department tasked with delivering analytics, you’ve found yourself running a Business Intelligence team. We know how hard that can be.

Brainbox Consulting’s 5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment looks at the five critical areas that directly impact your users. Your complimentary 10 page report includes your personalized results and comparison to your peers.

Does the business have confidence in the BI team to solve information challenges?

Speed & Agility

Visualization & Self-Service

Can users actually solve data challenges on their own with data provided by the BI team?

Learn your team’s strengths & weaknesses in 25 critical areas.

Whether operating at the speed of business or establishing foundations for your organization, the Brainbox 5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment gives you a benchmark for establishing value and strategic direction.

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You’ll need approximately 5 minutes to answer 25 questions.

We will send your results in a 5x5 BI Health Assessment report (10 page pdf).

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Take Our 5x5 BI Assessment.

Data Value

Is the BI team delivering critical business information?

Quality, Volume & Performance

Do data volumes represent a threat to your system's architecture or the expertise of the group?

Cost and Efficiency

Is the actual cost of providing information to the business acceptable?

Your Data Remains Secure

Your responses and the report you receive are confidential and secure. Reports contain no identifying information.

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Then, you can use your report to structure meaningful and actionable next steps for your BI team.

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